News 2014

West Berkshire Golf Club

Tom Evans KO Match play Final

Hosted at Sonning GC on 26th October between Reading GC and Henley GC.
We were all lucky on the day as the weather was relatively mild with no rain albeit gusty at times!
An exciting day that went to the wire .........

The 1st singles match was won by Reading, 2nd singles was won by Henley followed by another win for Henley from the first foursomes match. making it 2 -1 to Henley with the last foursomes match still on the course standing at all square after 16 holes! The 17th was won by Reading with a par and Reading only needing a half to force a playoff. The 18th par 5 was full of drama with two good drives taken but Readings finishing close to the bunker. Marcus from Henley hit his Sunday best and from 210 yards sent ball using his rescue to 18 foot from the hole. Simo elected also to use his rescue but with his feet in the bunker 6" lower than the ball hit an incredible low shot sailing towards the green but just fell short into fescue tufted rough 25 yards short of the hole. DB (your President) hacked it out to 15'. we had about 40 spectators looking on David from Henley lined up his putt for eagle to take all, alas he narrowly missed with a conceded birdie 4. Simo now had a 15' putt to keep the advantage and win the game and take KO Cup into extra time - sudden depth playoff. You could feel the tension with deadly silence he took aim and slotted it straight in, the cheers from Reading players and supporters echoed across the course. Down the first both players having a good drive with Henley down the middle & Reading just off the fairway in the bottom of a grass bunker, Henley played first with 130 to the pin and finished above the hole 16' pin high.Reading had 120 yrds to the flag with the ball sitting up in the rough the shot came out high a foot short of the green leaving a 28' left to right putt slightly down hill! . Could Simo do it again and bring victory to Reading!. After some deliberations he took aim and sent the ball on its way but this time it pulled up quickly leaving a 12' putt. Henley's Marcus that had not had a good day on Sonning's slow healing hollow tinned greens took aim and guided the ball down hill on line to the hole leaving it some 6" short of the cup. Once again it was all or nothing and Reading's putt traveled towards the hole and just dropped below the amateur side of the hole.
Readings chance of achieving the hat trick of the KO Cup was gone with the 2014 winners HENLEY GC and of course the true winner was GOLF!!
Congratulations to Henley Team of courageous golfers - more so for knocking Reading (JC) off his/ their perch!

The Players
Henley V Reading
James Brockington v Jon Carter W 1 up
Martyn Metcalf v Sam Westmancoat L 4\3
Alan Wilson & Ian Heggie v Rob Atkins & Tim Shaughnessy L 1 dn
Marcus Lovelock & David Griffin v David Brown & Mark Simpson W 1 up

Newbury Golf Club

Newbury steals Div 2 title from Henley

It was down to the last match of the season that Newbury found their true form. They needed a convincing victory to take the number one spot and on the day they did just that - a 7 -0 victory was more than they needed, not only winning the division but securing the return to div I for the 2015 season.
What an achievement - relegated in 2013 and back at a blink of an eye.

Division Tables 2014

Knockout 2014

Knockout 2014

Round 1
Thu 5 Jun
Quarter Final
Sat 26 Jul
Semi Final
Sat 30 Aug
Sat 4 Oct

Henley  4
Weybrook Park  0
Henley  3
Sandford Springs  1
Henley  2
1st Extra Hole
Reading  2
Sand Martins  0
Weybrook Park  4
Sandford Springs  3
Calcot Park  1
Sandford Springs  4
Calcot Park II  0
Calcot Park II

Newbury  3
Maidenhead  1
Newbury  ½
Reading  3½
Reading  2
2nd Extra Hole
Goring  2


Goring  2
extra holes
Sonning  2
Sonning  3
West Berkshire  1