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Reading win 2012 Knockout

Reading win 2012 KO

The Matchplay Knock out I believe was a success! The final being hosted at Goring and Streatley with the weather as ordered a warm sunny afternoon, a big thank you to Goring and also to West Berkshire GC for hosting the semi final.

The Matchplay Knock out I believe was a success! The final being hosted at Goring & Streatley with the weather as ordered a warm sunny afternoon, a big thank you to Goring and also to West Berkshire GC for hosting the semi final.
The final was a strongly contested match between by Reading & Calcot 2 teams a hard fought match that seemed to go Readings way for most of the afternoon; they soon picked up first two points together with two matches still on the course leading after 16 holes. However after losing the 17th the 3rd match was all square going down the 18th and with the fourth match losing both the 16th and 17th they were also all square with one to play.

Two points was won by Reading and two points available to be won with both matches going down the 18th. As a spectator enjoying the drama I was hoping for a sudden death playoff, alas it was not to be as Calcot was in trouble off the drive and Reading achieved a solid par secured the victory by a final winning score of 3.5 to .5 points.

Well done to Reading winning the first League DOUBLE! If anyone's interested I have provided a link to selected photos of both the Matchplay final and League final match showing most players. To view and download Go to Dropbox link! These photos are of high resolution and suitable for enlarging and cropping.

Reading Golf Club


The 44th AGM was held at Reading Golf Club on 22nd November 2012.

Those in Attendance-:[br][br]David Brown, President-Reading G.C-Brian Hargreaves (Treasurer) Sonning G.C. Jon Carter and Colin Tungate -Reading G.C.-Reading G.C. Darren Gatward and George Wilson - Calcot Park G.C. Christian Wilkins-Sandford Springs G.C. Barry Higgins, Mervin Fulbrook and C Harris -Weybrook Park G.C. Alan Wilson and Ian Heggie - Henley G.C. C Shackell-Calcot Park11. Peter Hodges and Chris Giles - Sonning G.C. Nick Jacobs- Goring G.C.[br][br]The meeting convened at 7.30pm[br][br]The President welcomed all attending to Reading Golf Club. He reminded the meeting that each team present has only one vote each and informed the meeting that 5 proxy forms have been received allocated to David Brown - Donning and Sand Martins; Nick Jacobs - Newbury and West Berks and Jon Carter- Maidenhead.[br][br]The meeting were given a copy of: The Agenda, Last year's AGM Minutes, Proposal response and RDICL Accounts.[br][br]1. Apologies received from:[br]Newbury and Crookham, Donnington Valley, Sand Martins, Maidenhead, Newbury Racecourse and West Berks[br](Mark suffered a branch through his car window on the way to the meeting)[br][br]2. Approval of Minutes[br]The Minutes of the last AGM held at Reading GC on the 24th Nov 2011 were approved by Brian Hargreaves and Nick Jacobs.[br][br]3. Matters Arising[br]There were no matters arising.[br][br]4. President and Secretary's Report - David Brown (DB)[br]Meeting informed we had 16 attending representing 8 clubs and with 5 nominated proxy votes making 13 votes available out of a maximum of 14 teams remaining in the league at the end of the season. He informed the meeting that he had received resignation from Wokefield and that Mill Ride had resigned by defaulting 4 games in the season.[br]DB said the League has now completed 42 years of Foursomes Golf and will make his report short. He referred the meeting to his report in the 2011 AGM minutes and in particular his concerns over the lack of interest from some clubs, teams and players for Foursomes golf. Despite the efforts of all involved with revitalizing the league and improved communications the situation throughout 2012 had become progressively worse. The year had not passed without several incidents and although only expected to have some situations in competitive sport but most were associated around two specific causes:[br]- Tee reservation and lack of buffer 30 minutes and not teeing off on time.[br]- Team Captains difficulty in not being able to field a complete team or a team[br]The result of these created several upsetting issues. Some of the issues ended up in protracted exchange of emails which could have been avoided therefore wish to take the opportunity to inform the meeting of the procedure for handling any complaint and disputes.[br]All incidents upon being received by me are communicated to the committee either by exchange of emails and or presented at Committee meetings with the usually only exception are clarification of rules which are dealt with by me as President and Secretary or Jon Carter for the 2012 Knockouts as KO Organiser. All the facts are gathered and carefully considered from all aspects by applying the rules of the league in the first instance and then assessing whether or not there are any extenuating circumstances. Should a committee members himself, his team or player be part of the incident he is then removed from the decision making process. We carefully consider the impact of creating precedent to ensure fairness and consistency going forward.[br]2[br]DB then went on to refer to the proposal put forward to change traditions of the league. He said his involvement with the[br]league started back to the mid seventies when he was a player a Team Captain and League secretary for two years and was[br]sadden during his Presidency to be the one proposing to the AGM the Committees changes.[br]He said unless we just go back to 6 clubs that are committed to playing foursomes or we undertake radical changes the[br]league with slowly die. He went on to say that in 42 years the world of sport has changed to suit modern times, yet the[br]League has gone on without hardly any change. Foursomes might be considered the purest form of the game and neutral[br]venues are first preference but players and clubs circumstances are now causing change. He said he was not intending to go[br]into the inn's and outs as it has been published in the proposal document sent to all Team Captains and Clubs and a response[br]received by all. He commented this problem was not new one as historically throughout his involvement; foursomes were[br]only for the purest of golfers and not keen from many low handicap players wanting to play their own ball for 18 holes.[br]He went on to say that on a more positive note the year finished on a high with the last game of the season hosted at Mill[br]Ride all six teams competing had something riding on the result. An email outlining the finish with pictures has already[br]been circularised to Captains and Clubs.[br]The KO Matchplay was introduced for 2012 and it appears to be enjoyed by those that played and well received. It has been[br]discussed by the committee and proposed to make it a permanent event, but subject to vote later on within the AGM. Should[br]it continue he proposed that we honour the late Tom Evans who was the Secretary of Calcot Park who left a legacy of[br]and#163;1,000 a number years ago that has grown in the accounts to a staggering amount of and#163;3,300 and so far has not been used![br]This was considered gesture on behalf of the league to honour the late Tom Evans and his wishes to support the league.[br]DB reminded those present that the League was theirs and they need to invest time and effort to continue to receive in the[br]future many years of competitive enjoyment.[br]It was announced that Nick Jacobs Team Captain of Goring and league Committee member had found time for two League[br]meetings this week in advance of his wedding on Saturday and Honeymoon next week, what commitment and dedication.[br]All present wished him and his bride an enjoyable Wedding and all the best for the future.[br]5. Treasurers Report[br]Brian Hargreaves Treasurer produced to the meeting a balance sheet prepared and signed by Linda Jackson Finance[br]Director of Sani-duct.[br]He commented that he was not able to incorporate interest in the accounts for the Tom Evans legacy deposit held with[br]National savings as it's all done by post and had intended to move it in 2012 to a building society account. The prize fund[br]for 2012 was marginally reduced to reflect that the League had fewer teams for the season and three teams had not paid their[br]fees and cheque from Henley had not been banked as yet for 2012. The accounts showed that Sand Martins prize winnings[br]for 2010 and 2011 were written off as it had not been collected according to the rule 28(iii) being not collected by a[br]representative attending the Annual Dinner. This also occurred in 2009 and was written off in the 2011 accounts.[br]Peter Hodges asked the treasurer if the clubs with outstanding fees have been contacted. The Treasurer said it had been a[br]difficult year for him health and personal and had not found the time.[br]Brian said this meeting is his last involvement with the league and has enjoyed his time over many years.[br]6. Election of Officers[br]DB informed the meeting that Brian Hargreaves was not standing for re-election after many years of service to the League[br]and that Brian and his wife Linda have been invited to the Annual Dinner where more will be said regarding their service to[br]the league.[br]The meeting was referred to Committee Candidates handed out with the agenda and as there was no need for a ballot as no[br]further nominations had been received therefore the meeting was asked by show of hands to confirm acceptance of[br]nominations and all voted in favour.[br]COMMITTEE NOMINATED POSTS[br]SECRETARY Dav

Division Tables 2012

Knockout 2012

Knockout 2012

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Calcot Park  4
Sandford Springs  0
Calcot Park
Calcot Park  2
extra holes
Reading  2
Reading  3
Calcot Park II  1
Maidenhead  2
extra holes
Mill Ride  2
Newbury  1½
Weybrook Park  2½
Weybrook Park  ½
Reading  3½
Reading  4
Wokefield Park  0
West Berkshire  1½
Goring  2½
Goring  2
extra holes
Sand Martins  2
Sand Martins  1½
Calcot Park II  2½
Sand Martins
Newbury Racecourse
Calcot Park II
Calcot Park II  3
Donnington Valley  1